Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pre Launch: Discover the amazing " Brain" Software!

Discover the amazing Brain Software

Hi Friends,

How would you like to automatically achieve
almost anything you wanted... without having
to try - or even THINK about - achieving it?

Over the past three months, Lee Benson has
been working on a brand new technology that
will drastically improve the way your mind works.

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Using this tool, you can "activate" advanced
thinking, super-learning, success magnetism,
inject new personality traits (instantly) and
dissolve any annoying bad habits... in a flash.

And what's more, you'll never have to spend a
single second of your time practicing, learning
new information, or having to remember to put
it to use... it works automatically for you, in
the background.

It's more powerful than hypnosis, meditation
and positive thinking... combined!

If you're wondering how you can get your hands
on something like this, listen up...

This product "Brain Bullet!" is only being made
available through a small distribution group.
Lee is issuing a limited # of "private releases"
to his own clients, and I'm now doing the same.

Since I'm a good friend of Lee's, I was able
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you, that will save you masses off the regular
$57 price tag. You save over 30%.

You get it for just $39.97.

And, you can get your hands on it right away--
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I highly recommend you grab a copy right away!

~Chris McNamara

Note: I personally have been using this program
for several weeks and it really does work!

PS. This is a real no brainer! lolLaugh
I'll make the decision real easy by including
a valuable lifetime 'gift' license. Just shoot me an
email to: newriders@gmail.com with your receipt and
I'll send you the link. So go get it while this offer
is still available.Congrats!Friends

Monday, May 30, 2005

Bryan Winters Content Co op Amazing Offer!

Dear Friends,

Claim your FR/EE private label products! (641 spots only, as of May 28)

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Dear Friend,

I have some HUGE news. As in GIANT.

As in - this is one offer you do not want

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Bryan Winters has just put together one of the most

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If you're one of the next 641 people to join

InfoGoRound (Bryan's new private label content

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...Those are just a few sample titles to give

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Thanks to IGR's patent pending Cash for Content

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Chris McNamara

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Thanks so much for taking time to read my post. I urge you, please take a few minutes to look at this totally unique offer that Bryan spent 5 months developing. I guarantee you'll be glad you did.Nodding
Happy Memorial Day to my friends here in the states.

Your friend,