Thursday, January 24, 2008

Capitalism's Enemies Within

Wall Street's pay practices perversely encourage extreme risk-taking that can destabilize the economy.

Amid the mayhem on world financial markets, it is becoming clear that capitalism's most dangerous enemies are capitalists. No one can have watched the "subprime mortgage" debacle without noticing the absurd contrast between the magnitude of the failure and the lavish rewards heaped on those who presided over it. At Merrill Lynch and Citigroup, large losses on subprime securities cost chief executives their jobs -- and they left with multimillion-dollar pay packages. Stanley O'Neal, the ex-head of Merrill, received an estimated $161 million.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

KIffin Signs , Stroud to Hang self

It is was it is. Stroud is a lame hack.
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Monte Agrees In Principle, Stroud To Hang Self In Shower

January 18, 2008

Earlier today, I read Rick Stroud's story about Kiffin getting offered less than he was currently making.

It's believed the Bucs have offered Kiffin less than what he made last season, leaving the two sides considerably apart.

I had half an entry written about how "it's believed" means Stroud had absolutely no sources and was just pulling this out of his gargantuan asshole, but I abandoned it because it started to sound like I was piling on when I really didn't know what Kiffin was offered myself. The Tribune touched on it, but their version of it has far fewer instances of the words "fuckface" and "hack-tacular".

I'm not sure which is more satisfying, Kiffin being retained or Stroud being publicly proven wrong again. Isn't it about time to stick him on the monster truck rally or championship bingo beats?

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