Friday, May 27, 2005

Press Release

Isp Niche

Is it really true. Sign up to promote an ISP that
has great services, tell others about it and get paid
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Chris McNamara ~NR


Launches a New Age of Internet Service Providers That Pay You !

AOL FACES EXODUS OF MILLIONS OF SUBSCRIBERS TO HIGH QUALITY, LOWER-PRICED ISP COMPANIES® Launches a New Age of Internet Service Providers Who Pay Subscribers to Distribute Product and Business Opportunity

Los Angeles, CA--Time Warner was doing just fine until they entered into a contract with AOL. Now as AOL subscribers flee to lower- priced, high-quality ISPs, the end of an era is at hand.

With the downturn of AOL and resignation of AOL chairman Steve Case comes a new age of superior ISPs, offering not only amenities like multiple POP email accounts, instant messaging and accelerated optimized web-surfing, but also a chance for subscribers to make significant commissions as distributors.

With over 10,000,000 hits per month and more than 200 people in the sign-up area each hour,® is the front-runner in the race to snap up AOL’s disenchanted subscribers.® is the Internet Service Provider that is also a genius Direct Marketing business opportunity, offering the chance for active distributors to earn six figure incomes with an innovative brand new pay system called the “SuperLine®”.

The beauty of® is in its timing. This ISP / business opportunity entered the game with 90 million pre-qualified customers just in the US alone and a product that is in high demand worldwide. In order for a business opportunity to succeed, it must sell a product that is in demand and offers longevity demand to create an ongoing stream of income. It’s safe to say that the Internet is not going anywhere, and people are always searching for the best deal on their ISP.®’s
low prices and quality service make this company one that will be here for the long haul.® is now an international business opportunity for all people on the entire planet, including the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the entire European Union.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Today's Health and Fitness Habits

Today's Health & Fitness Habit...For Success.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail


You have heard the popular saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Apples are nutritional powerhouses, and apple cider vinegar also packs a powerful nutritional punch. In 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, treated his patients with natural apple cider vinegar for its powerful healing and cleansing qualities.

Paul Bragg, legendary health crusader, and author of many books on health including, the Apple Cider Vinegar Health System says, " Pure natural undistilled cider vinegar can really be called one of nature’s most perfect foods." Raw, natural apple cider vinegar will provide your body with potassium, enzymes, and other vitamins needed to maintain a healthy digestive and circulatory system. Here are some of the benefits that apple cider vinegar provides:

Helps to control and normalize body weight
Helps improve digestion
Helps remove toxins from your body
Helps to relieve muscle stiffness
Is a natural antibiotic
Helps to keep tissues and joints youthful

Habit Tips

Make an apple cider vinegar cocktail with 1 tablespoon natural apple cider vinegar, and 1 tablespoon honey. Mix them together and add a small amount of pure water or apple juice. Drink this healthy cocktail every morning. Make sure you buy only pure, undistilled apple cider vinegar. You can find it at your local health food store.

As mantaining good health is vital to all we do, incorporating some simple imexpensive habits will help us to be successful in reaching all our goals.

We can do it.

- Spread Firefox

Get Firefox!

I've been a user of Mozilla's Firefox browser since the beta edition .8 .It has had several upgrades and improvements since and developers freely give of their time expertise and experience to constantly improve this free open sourced browser. I'm very happy with the flexibility, extensions, themes . It is also very easy to use with blogging. For instance, their is a very easy right click feature to 'Blog This', for posting directly to your blog. There are similiar useful extensions for websites.
The tabbed browser feature allows you to keep multiple pages open in the same window while browsing. I really don't know how I lived without it before. If you are a Web Marketer, or just want a more enjoyable surfing experience, you NEED this browser. No need to uninstall IE, unless you have a problem. Mozillazine forums will answer any questions you might have, which you can access from the homepage link on the button above.There, you will recieve expert tips and advice to your questions. Click the button above for mozilla firefox's homepage, or to download.
Also, if you are security conscious like myself, firefox blocks active x controls. The latest version only uses 6.32 MB's. The built pop blocker, that you can adjust the settings on, is another good feature. I highly recommend Firefox browser.
Get Firefox!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Bryan Winters New Content Co op Launches a Screaming Success

Re: Up to $175,000 worth of private label content - monthly?!...

"Imagine What YOU Could Do With Unlimited Access
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The "private label" component is HUGE. It means
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I expect to see you inside the IGR members' area
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Here for Your Success,
Chris McNamara
10 Pelican Lane,
Edgewater, Fl.

P.S. IGR currently has a special introductory price
that I suspect won't last. The more members that
join, the more valuable IGR becomes (you'll see
what I mean when you see how their Cash for Content
Program works). So now is the time! If you ask
me they could easily charge 7 times what they
are currently asking!