Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dennis Richards and MMS

MMSis in viogue
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Anything that reduces candida will reduce inflammatory disease throughout the body. This is, in itself, no miracle, as other things can reduce candida also. However, reducing candida throughout the tissues of the body is how MMS can reduce cancer, as candida is the food that cancer grows on.

This stuff pretty much cured my UC (Ulcerative Colitis). I was on MMS for about two months, couldn't take the taste anymore so I stopped. I have been eating just about anything (including milk) for about a month and have had almost no problems at all.
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Friday, January 09, 2009

Candida, Leaky Gut, and MMS

Note that liver and kidney flushes are still necessary MMS has killed pathogens to flush toxins. MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Solution.
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Candida, Leaky Gut, and MMS
Leaky gut is a real issue for many candida sufferers. Some believe that leaky gut is the cause of candida and should be treated before candida. I disagree. I believe canidda (and parasites) is the main cause of leaky gut. There could be other causes too (like use of non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine). But if you have candida, candida is the mostly likely cause. The mechanism of cause-effect: candida (and parasites) ==> toxic intestines ==> intestinal inflammation ==> leaky gut

Eradicating candida and eliminating inflammation in the intestines are the key to heal leaky gut. To help leaky gut heal faster, you may take glutamine and butter oil. Trying to heal leaky gut without getting rid of candida can not get you very far.

MMS kills both candida and parasites in the intestines ==> eliminate toxicity ==> reduce inflammation ==> leaky gut has a chance to heal.

I believe liver flush and kidney cleanse will be beneficia
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fungus, Candida and Antibiotics

Use of antibiotics without probiotics such as acidopholous, opens the door for candida and ultimately many deadly diseases ! You 've been warned!
Antibiotics Kill Your Body's Good Bacteria, Too, Leading to Serious Health Risks

by Doug Kaufmann

“It is ironic that this humbled fungus, hailed as a benefactor of mankind, may by its very success prove to be a deciding factor in the decline of the present civilization.”

-Dr. John I. Pitt, The Genus Penicillum, Academic Press, 1979
The information that follows is a two-part article taken directly from Doug Kaufmann and Dave Holland, MD's new book, "The Fungus Link, Volume 2." This book can be ordered at
Simply put, antibiotics are poisons that are used to kill. Only licensed physicians can prescribe them.
ungus and human disease. This chapter addresses the possibility that antibiotics may help fun

However, every time you swallow antibiotics, you kill the beneficial bacteria within your intestines. When you do so, you upset the delicate balance of your intestinal terrain. Yeasts grow unchecked into large colonies and take over, in a condition called dysbiosis.
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