Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prill Water; Better, cheaper, thinner, purer

Everyone should own some and put in their survival kit if nothing else
years ago Jim Carter invented a marvelous inexpensive product when
he created Prill beads that purify and energize water. These beads
are created from ordinary magnesium oxide prills by applying a proprietary
bioresonance process. The Prills were originally developed for clean
up of nuclear reactor waste water.
Prill water will not permit lower life forms such as
bacteria and fungi to survive but does support the growth of algae.
water placed in contact with Prill beads undergoes a remarkable thinning.
The resulting liquid takes on the characteristics of “Dew” which is
very different from common water. Skin readily absorbs dew but repels
common water.
The dew-like Prill water is readily used by plants and persons to
create the complex essentials of life. The living process in plants
changes common water into dew that is the liquid found in fruit and
seeds or other plant cells.
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