Friday, January 02, 2009

Root Canal dangers

Dr Mercola speaks on root canal dangers.
"Research has demonstrated that 100% of all root canals result in residual infection due to the imperfect seal that allows bacteria to penetrate. The toxins given off by these bacteria are more toxic than mercury. These toxins can cause systemic diseases of the heart, kidney, uterus, and nervous and endocrine systems." ~Dr. Edward Arana, D.D.S.
"Root canals are a zillion times worse than mercury fillings." ~Dr. Hal Huggins
There is no such thing as a sterile root canal. During a root canal, the main canal is filled and possibly some of the small side canals, but the other smaller canal-like structures in teeth called dentinal tubules are too tiny to be filled during treatment and these tubules become home to bacteria instead. Since there are millions of these tubules there is room for enough bacteria to challenge the immune system. The waste products from these nasty germs include some very toxic substances called thio-ethers, and your body has to deal with these toxins 24 hours a day.
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dentists; who can You Trust

Mercury should not be ingested into the human body in any way.
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Dental industry gets an earful on mercury

WASHINGTON (AP) - People trust dentists with their health. Some members of Congress are more skeptical.

The dental industry, asked to testify Tuesday about pollution from mercury in tooth fillings, found itself under attack from lawmakers who blame mercury for everything from autism in children to skin discoloration.

The American Dental Association, before its spokesman testified, faced deeply personal diatribes from Reps. Dan Burton, R-Ind., and Diane E. Watson, D-Calif.

"Mercury should not be ingested into the human body in any way," he said.

Last month, the government warned for the first time that silver dental fillings and the mercury they contain may pose a safety concern for pregnant women and young children. The Food and Drug Administration posted the precaution on its Web site to settle a lawsuit.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

FDA: Admits risk of amalgam (mercury )fillings.

Amalgams are 50% mercury, the most toxic substance on the planet. Mercury symptons are the same as symptons for MS(Multiple Sclerosis).

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Oral Health Center

FDA: Possible Risk From Dental Fillings

To Settle Lawsuit, FDA Now Says Mercury From Fillings Might Pose Risk to Some

Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health News

June 5, 2008 -- Mercury from amalgam dental fillings may be toxic to
children and developing fetuses, the FDA now admits.

On its web site, the FDA has dropped much of its reassuring language about
dental amalgam. And it's added what amounts to a warning: "Dental amalgams
contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of
developing children and fetuses."

And there's more. "Pregnant women and persons who
may have a health condition that makes them more sensitive to mercury exposure,
including individuals with existing high levels of mercury bioburden, should
not avoid seeking dental care, but should discuss
options with their health practitioner," the FDA web site now says.

And the federal agency
also agreed to rule -- within one year --
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Root Canals Mercury and Health

Teeth health and body health are related.
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Documents that mercury from
amalgam is a cause or major factor in over 30 chronic health conditions
, and summarizes the mechanisms of causality, as
well as
documenting 60,000 clinical cases of recovery or significant
improvement after amalgam replacement

mercury and
other toxic metals are the most common cause of childhood neurological
conditions such as autism, ADD, learning disabilities
Documents the mercury connection to chronic health conditions-
, Lupus,
FS, FM, RA, Parkinson's, Alzheimers,
Depression, Periodontal Conditions, ADD, Autism, Eczema, Psoriasis, etc
Over 50% of root canaled
teeth and wisdom tooth extraction sites have been found to have infection or
necrosis of the jaw bone.
Thyroiditis,  etc. are
primarily caused by mercury from dental amalgam, and replacement of dental
amalgam brings about cure or significant improvement in the majority of
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