Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scientist:'Gulf Loop Current is broke' -"Mini Ice Age" on the way Europe

I uploaded this video from my free player because of the hard science involved. I also updated the links and annotations. Please leave a comment, share, like or dislike, or subscribe to my you tube channel, astateofdenial, thank you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calif. City Permits Large Marijuana Farms

The NWO and marijuana

Marijuana has been approved for medical and health reasons in California. They are talking about approving it for recreation. A license to grow the stuff is $250,000 a year. So, just how much money is spent every year on marijuana? Let's just say it's the number one cash crop in country. Like the war on cancer, it's a total farce. Even before Iran contra, 'drug money' has been used to finance "special black operations" sponsored factions within the U.S. government.

Sea Turtles and the Gulf Oil Spill: A Timeline

Sea Turtles and the Gulf Oil Spill: A Timeline

With all the bad news coming out of gulf BP oil spill 2010, here's a video that will make you feel a little better today! :) Endangered sea turtles transferred to here to east coast Florida space coast; eggs hatched and swimming to sea! Good luck turtle babies!